Artist’s Statement

Art for me is an expressed longing for the quiet times I spent in years past, walking through the countryside to a rural schoolhouse. Along the way, I had countless hours to ponder the nearby hills, the river running through them, and the woods and the clouds passing by. The weather and the changing seasons added their own veneer on an already familiar canvas. I had no reason to shudder from the cold or the wind and rain because I had so much visual material to embrace and to distract me.

Now my art responds to a longing for solitude, an aloneness with nature. It evokes for me a quietude not found in many of our lives any more, a need to find a quiet place. Perhaps my work represents an ownership and recollection of past experiences. It is my hope that my work brings back an experience of your own in the painting, real or imagined. For others, my work may bring back treasured memories and help you find the ethereal in the ordinary.

—Jane Fuller


For me, First Light represented serenity and a newness in life. It had a calming effect on me.

This painting reminded me of a previous visit to Newfoundland, when I stood at the farthest eastern most point of North America, Cape Spear. I walked to the edge overlooking the rocky shoreline on a misty morning, alone. I felt totally at peace, and in awe of a presence far greater than myself. Then as the sun broke through the mist, a revelation that a rebirth was taking place, and that each day was meant to be treasured.